Rehabilitation & Performance

rehabilitation and performance

We primarily look at how force, as a result of your posture and movements is handled by your body.


Sub optimal movement mechanics can create imbalances in the way force is shared between your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, often resulting in prolonged wear and tear. This wear and tear may present itself as tendonitis, a ligament sprain, a bursitis, a disc herniation or osteoarthritis of the joint just to name a few.

Our initial objective is to offload, and to normalise these overstressed joints and tissues while correcting the movements that's stressing them; this normally allows faster healing. Whether it is pain management or optimising athletic performance, micro-movements manage macro-movements. In other words, a seemingly simple task of how much one can bend or extend their knee will depend on the micro rotation and translation that's happening between the bones involved. Therefore, with targeted manual therapy and with precise exercise execution, we master the small/micro movements.


First, we focus on a so-called adaptation phase where our goal is to improve the function of tendons, ligaments, focus on muscle recruitment and to strengthen weaker muscles in preparation for more intensive work.
This phase is followed by global strengthening and a systematic transitioning towards the specific requirements of your sport.

We take every aspect of your lifestyle into consideration to support your progress. It is also important to note that the two above "stages" are not separate stages but more like a continuum, and sometimes happen simultaneously.

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For a long period of time I struggled with reoccurring chronic lower back and groin pain as a result of heavy lifting a few years ago. The pain went away only temporarily as a result of soft tissue treatments but was slowly creeping back afterwards. I had to stop training, running and playing football as a consequence.

It became evident to me, that I wasn’t using my body correctly, and that it was greatly contributing to my back pain.

As a recommendation from my therapist, I went to see Peter. Following an assessment he taught me very specific exercises to elevate stress and compression on my lumbar spine and groin. Then we started strengthening weaknesses and correcting dysfunctional movements that have contributed to my pain. Now I’m back to jogging and working towards playing football and golf again, pain free.

Daniel Lonnborg, Financial Services

ELDOA Method

ELDOA method

ELDOA is a french acronym that basically stands for Stretching in the longitudinal axis to create decoaptation (separation) of the osteo-articular joints. The ELDOA Method is a revolutionary stretching and rehabilitative technique, developed by world renowned French osteopath, Guy Voyer, that targets the decompression of specific joints throughout the body. There is an ELDOA for every joint in the body.

It works by creating fascial tension around the targeted area or lesion and elicits an opening, or decompression, of a joint. The body is placed in a very precise posture to treat a specific lesion or joint segmentally. These are some common uses for the ELDOA:

On a more global level, these stretches promote improved posture, proper spinal alignment, increased kinesthetic or awareness of body positions, and increased stability and strength throughout the spine. Common asymmetries and misalignments lead to faulty biomechanics throughout the body. Improved balance and symmetry can be achieved with a consistent regimen of ELDOA stretching.

I am a retired General Medical Practitioner from London. I was so impressed by the results that Peter achieved in helping my wife rehabilitate from major surgery, that I asked Peter’s advice regarding an old shoulder injury.

In 2004 I had a cycling accident and fractured my shoulder in 4 places. Eighteen months later, after physiotherapy had failed to improve my arm movement I had surgery to remove restricting bony nodules. This had very limited results; in fact, even after further physiotherapy I was unable to raise my dominant arm higher than about 30 degrees. I could not comb my hair, reach the back of my neck or extend my arm around my back. I accepted that this was permanent.

I am delighted to say that as a result of Peter’s impressive treatment and exercise protocol; I have virtually normal mobility in my arm and shoulder. We have also been working on general fitness and strengthening exercises. The results are such that I am fitter and stronger with a straighter spine and my friends are saying that I look 10 years younger!

The sessions are interesting and progress is consistent. Peter also furthers his skills knowledge and considerable expertise by regularly attending training with a specialist in New York. I wholeheartedly recommend Peter.

Dr Michael Carmi, MB ChB, FRCGP
North London

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I asked Peter’s advice following the removal of a brain tumor, which had resulted in a left sided loss of power and function. My balance and co-ordination were also affected. I had ongoing severe pain in my foot, which was affecting my sleep.

In addition I was suffering neck pain and headaches for up to 2-3 hours most mornings as the result of severe neck injury more than 20 years previously. I did not consider being pain free achievable.

One year on…I am no longer in pain, my balance is great, I am 30 lbs lighter and I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been.

Louise Carmi former NHS senior manager
North London

My physiotherapist referred me to Peter for exercise therapy.
I had sharp lower back pain that didn’t seem to respond too much to Osteopathy and Manual Therapy. I also have arthritic knees and a meniscus tear in my right knee at the time, which seemed to give me quite a bit of trouble.

The process was very gradual and progressive with loads of specific exercises to decompress and lubricate the joints and strengthen the weak links. We first started working on the back then moved to the knee and now since none of the above is an issue anymore we are working on my mobility and strength for my golf swing.

David Philipson, Business owner

I’m a devoted recreational runner. In the past I had reoccurring knee pain which often disrupted my training schedules for my races. This was later on diagnosed as a femoro-patellar syndrome.

Peter taught me targeted preparatory, stretching and strengthening exercises that basically eliminated my knee problem, improved my strength and this year was the first time when, in preparation to the Boston marathon, I didn’t have to break my training because of an injuries.

Susie Hill, Financial Services

I have severe arthritis in my left hip joint. Doctors wanted to give me a full hip replacement over 10 years ago. I refused surgery and was trying to manage the pain and discomfort with various types of exercises. I needed regular massage to easy the resulting pain in my lower back.

I started seeing Peter two and a half years ago and that is when my hip started to feel gradually better. In my understanding the goal of the exercises, Peter has given me; intend to create more space in my hip joint therefore nourishing it and normalizing the surrounding muscles.

These exercises have improved my mobility and most importantly keep me pain free.

Hashim Dhoda, Financial Services

Peter has been very intimately involved in treating my wife for the past 3 years. She has an unusual form of Parkinson’s disease. Atypical Parkinsonism.

As a direct result the progression of her disease has been very slow. Her consultant is very positive regarding the benefits of these treatments. As a result I have also used Peter’s services in the last year for treatment of serious sciatic nerve and back problems. I have found him very committed and knowledgeable. He has most certainly helped greatly in my slow process of recovery.

Roger Murray, Retired

I went to see Peter for a solution to my back and sciatic pain.
After the first appointment where he conducted a detailed assessment he started developing a bespoke programme to both relieve the pain and improve my general movement patterns that were contributing to my pain.
The recovery was quick and the results achieved exceeded my expectations.

Thanks to the techniques and advice that he has thought me I can now train at the maximum of my capability while protecting various parts of my body from any injuries. I have been able to improve my training style, improve my body shape and general fitness level.

Anna Romano, Marketing manager

If, like me, you have a lower lumbar discs problem, you could do no better than try Peter’s unique, personalised programme. The combination of highly precise treatment, strengthening and stretching exercises differs from anything I have experienced previously - and over a period of 30+ years, I believe I have tried most things bar surgery and that was becoming an increasingly attractive proposition in recent years as the problem got worse and worse. But, be warned, you also have to play your part with a commitment that equals Peter’s. I have followed the programme for a few months and, at the age of 65, I am experiencing extended pain free periods, without pain killers, for the first time in 30 years. Nether have I had any of the serious, disabling episodes that have been a feature of life for that period. Do try it. Make the commitment and you won’t regret it.

Stefan Samek, Retired baby boomer


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