Private Training & Treatment

We offer a range of services for patients, clients and professionals. 


 SomaTherapy, SomaTraining and ELDOA™ offer a highly targeted approach to specific problems while helping the body's innate ability to normalise and heal itself.


This service may be for you if:

-You are a doctor or consultant seeking specialised manual and exercise therapy solutions to your patients' needs.

-You are a patient looking for a holistic treatment approach to complex health problems to which the healthcare system has limited solutions.

-You are looking for practical daily tools that you can do on your own to enhance your health and fitness goals.

-You are an Health & Fitness industry professional who seeks new tools and further education to be able to better serve your clients', athletes' and patients' needs.

-You are part of a Sports Team or Organization and want to organise in-house training for your staff. 


We appreciate the challenges professional sports teams face when it comes to finding time for continuing education. A busy work schedule, off-season training camps, in season game calendars paired with a heavy travel schedule often makes it very hard to send the staff for training. We have successfully worked with sports teams around their busy schedule to accommodate their training needs. We can deliver our standard TRAINING, THERAPY and ELDOA™ courses, however we find that a private course designed for the specific needs of the organisation is often more suitable, more effective and more time efficient.

For further questions and specifics please email