SomaTraining UK works with professional teams, coaches and athletes organizing education, programs and specialized workshops customized to each organization’s and individual’s needs.

We appreciate the challenges and the inconvenience professional teams face when it comes to finding the right time for continuing education of their staff. A busy work schedule, off-season training camps, in season game calendars paired with a heavy travel schedule often makes it very hard to send the staff for training. We have successfully work with sports teams around their busy schedule to accommodate their training needs. We can deliver our standard TRAINING, THERAPY and ELDOA™ courses but we find that a private course designed for the specific needs of the organisation is often more suitable, time efficient and effective.

The program is designed for exercise professionals and manual therapists to improve their anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, while teaching a wide range of analytical exercise techniques paired with a way of thinking that allows them to deal with complex issues their patients and clients may present.

SomaTraining courses are organized in a three-day workshop format at the frequency of 5 courses per year, for the period of 3 years. Each course starts with anatomy and biomechanics lectures followed by exercise practice where each exercise is viewed in the context of precise anatomy and biomechanics helping students form a more complex way of looking at human movement.

Since each course covers a different topic and set of techniques, you can pick a course or a number of courses a’ la Carte. While we recommend following the courses in order you can attend them as you are able to. Upon successful completion of all 15 courses and passing the final evaluation the diploma of SomaTrainer will be awarded.

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