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SomaTraining UK operates both as a teaching facility, that regularly hosts post-graduate level education for exercise professionals and health practitioners, as well as a rehabilitation and training facility for patients, clients and athletes.

Our treatment plans and exercise programs are based on principles of tensegrity biomechanics, osteopathy and sports science. The body is not only a sum of muscles, bones, joints and organs with glands, blood vessels and nerves around them.

All these parts are linked with each other and form a global functional unit. The link that connects them is called connective tissue or fascia. Ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, aponeurosis, peritoneum, pleura, pericardium and so on, all belong to this category.

Our treatment techniques focus on treating these links, while our exercises aim to isolate and stimulate them to help the process of auto normalization.

This level of precision and attention to detail can produce exceptional results. Whether it is getting out of pain, improving your health & fitness or raising your sports performance, our goal is to help you get solid, measurable results.

We believe that change starts with understanding; therefore we put a lot of emphasis on client education. Clients and athletes who visit us receive a customized home program specific to their needs. There is an exercise program for someone rehabilitating an injury or after surgery, as well as for the elite athlete wishing to work in the off-season or take their game to a higher level. more...




England Rugby Team

A very busy and productive 3 days with Head of Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy of England National Rugby.


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