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Soma, in Greek, means body.

We believe in training the body by respecting its anatomy and physiology in a holistic manner following sport science, osteopathic and tensegrity principles.

We offer a series of professional development courses each with a different topic and techniques. Most of our courses can be taken a’ la carte or grouped together as part of a complete program. These courses are recommended for practitioners in the fields of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Sports Therapy & Massage, Pilates and Yoga.

SomaTRAINING education is an exercise and movement-based program that teaches targeted anatomical exercise techniques.

SomaTHERAPY education teaches precise hands on, manual therapy work.

Both courses teach students detailed fascial anatomy, biomechanics and critical thinking through continuous problem solving.

If you’re a health and wellness practitioner, we encourage you to explore the opportunity to build your knowledge through the Soma programs.



Jon Bowskill
Corrective exercise specialist
"The level of depth and understanding that goes into it"

Dalius Barkauskas
Sport Medicine Physician
"It gives you a deep understanding of how the body functions."

Andrew Jackson
"You'll learn stuff that you’ve never even thought about before."

Luke Summers
Exercise Manual therapist
"With all the techniques that I’ve encountered over the years ELDOA has probably had the biggest effect on myself."

Adrian Stokes
Strength & Conditioning coach
"You're basically taught how to think"

Michael Clark
"I find the techniques very beneficial for patients and clients"

Damien Maher
Personal trainer, gym owner
"The attention to detail and anatomy is lot more in-depth"

Robert Boakye
Personal trainer, coach
"It's a holistic program"

Sarah King
Acupuncturist, Pilates instructor
"Feel it in my body, in my mind and in my though process"

SomaTraining Education
Performance Exercise Therapy
Open for enrolment

SomaTherapy Education
Manual Therapy
Open for enrolment

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