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Soma, in Greek, means body. We believe in training the body based on sound principles, respecting its anatomy and physiology in a holistic manner following osteopathic, sport science and tensegrity principles.

The name Somatraining could be confusing to some as it is both the name of one of our educational training program, as well as the name of the company running them. It is essentially a brand name for a series of professional development courses that come under the SOMA "umbrella".

These courses come under either the SomaTraining name, which is an exercise and movement based program, or the SomaTherapy name which is a hands on, manual therapy program. They both teach students detailed fascial anatomy, traditional biomechanics as well as biomechanics in the tensegrity model as well as critical thinking and problem solving.

In the Somatraining program students learn to address the learned anatomy with specific exercise techniques while in the SomaTherapy program students learn to treat these anatomy with precise manual therapy work. more...




England Rugby Team

A very busy and productive 3 days with Head of Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy of England National Rugby.


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