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SomaTraining perfectly blends and combines osteopathic principles and the science of strength and conditioning and applies it to rehabilitation, health management and performance enhancement. It’s born from the paradigm of complexity, similarly to the human body. 

Somatraining is designed for exercise professionals and manual therapists to improve their anatomical and biomechanical understanding, while teaching a wide range of analytical exercise techniques and a way of thinking that allows them to deal with complex issues their patients and clients may present.

The SomaTraining curriculum is organized into 15 courses (5 courses a year) and integrates very precise and specific exercise techniques, ranging from analytical and segmental training to global movement exercises. Each course consists of in-depth lectures combined with practical sessions where participants apply the presented theory, exploring the human body in movement. This learning by doing approach helps participants develop a more complex understanding of how the body really moves.

The exercises learned are an integral and supportive part of the therapeutic treatment paradigm, helping clients reach optimum health, and athletes reach maximum levels of performance.

The SomaTraining Program is considered by Guy VOYER, DO to be one of the most important components of his educational paradigm.

SomaTraining solves the problem of very generic exercise prescription often given by good therapists at the end of their treatment. The skill set learned in the program will definitely make you stand out from the movement specialist crowd.

Program candidates:  athletic trainers, physiotherapist, osteopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers and other body workers and health/wellness professionals.

This newly reformed and updated version of the program continues the original training system and philosophy with the additional instructions and student support. Each course is followed by an online follow up session with reviews and Q&A.

While we may run individual courses on occasions, the SomaTraining program will not be offered on a course by course basis in 2022 but on a year by year basis as an internship program.  Those who wish to do the program will first need register their interest then reserve their place in year 1.   When we have the minimum number of participants required to run the program, we will select the course dates that works for everyone registered.  Payment plans are available.  Please contact us for more details on

Year 1

1. Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the abdominal muscles & thoracic diaphragm

2. Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the muscles of the lower limb

3. Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the upper limb and trunk

4. Squat & Graivity Line

5. Circulatory & Respiratory Techniques

Year 2

1. Spinal ELDOA

2. Myofascial Stretching (MFS)

3. Specific Proprioception and Awareness

4. Specific ELDOA-peripheral joints

5. Quantitative and qualitative periodization & cinesiology

Year 3

1. Cardiovascular training & physical conditioning

2. Global Postural Stretching (GPS)

3. Strapping for sports pathologies

4. Segmental strengthening and normalization of the Transversus abdominis (TVA)

5. Program design and clinical application


 Each course starts with anatomy and biomechanics lectures followed by exercise practice where each exercise is viewed in the context of precise anatomy and biomechanics helping students form a more complex way of looking at human movement. 

While each module gives students a very unique and different set of tools, students will develop their way of thinking in the complexity model and tensegrity biomechanics over the course of the program. The diploma of SomaTrainer will be awarded at the end of the program.

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