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The SomaTraining Program is considered by Guy VOYER, DO to be one of the most important components of his educational paradigm. It is offered to those who are interested in working with athletes at all levels, and those who are using exercise and wellness techniques to improve the general health and function of their clients. This includes but is not limited to: sports trainers, fitness consultants, sports chiropractors and physical therapists. 

The program is designed for exercise professionals and manual therapists to improve their anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, while teaching a wide range of analytical exercise techniques paired with a way of thinking that allows them to deal with complex issues their patients and clients may present.

The SomaTraining curriculum is organized into 15 courses and integrates very precise and specific exercise techniques, ranging from analytical and segmental training to proprioception and myofascial stretching. The exercises learned are an integral and supportive part of VOYER’s therapeutic treatment paradigm, helping clients reach optimum health, and athletes reach maximum levels of performance.

SomaTraining is a unique methodology to rehabilitation and strength & conditioning built on osteopathic principles.It’s born from the paradigm of complexity, similarly to the human body. The SomaTraining program consists of in-depth lectures combined with practical sessions where students learn specific exercise techniques while they develop a more complex way of understanding the human body. These techniques are indispensable tools of athletic trainers, physiotherapist, osteopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers and other body workers and health/wellness professionals. While each module gives students a very unique and different set of tools, students will develop their way of thinking in the complexity model and tensegrity biomechanics over the course of several modules. The diploma of SomaTrainer will be awarded at the end of the program.

Year 1

1.1. Analytical & Segmental Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscles & Thoracic Diaphragm - OPEN for Registration 7-8th of May 2022

1.2. Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the Lower Limb - OPEN for Registration 4-5th of June 2022

1.3. Analytical and Segmental Strengthening of the Upper Limb and Trunk - OPEN for Registration 9-10th of July 2022

1.4. Global Movement: The Squat and Gravity line

1.5. Circulatory and Respiratory Techniques

Year 2

2.1. ELDOA for the Spine (Certification Level 1-2 combined) - OPEN for Registration 19-20th of March 2022

2.2. MyoFascial Stretching

2.3. Specific Proprioception and Awareness

2.4. Specific ELDOA (available for SomaTraining students only)

2.5. Quantitative and Qualitative Periodization and Cinesiology

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Year 3

3.1. Cardiovascular Training and Physical Conditioning

3.2. Global Postural Stretching (GPS)

3.3. Strapping for Sports Pathologies

3.4. Normalization and Segmental Strengthening of the Transversus Abdominis

3.5. Practical and Clinical Application and Final Examination

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 Each course starts with anatomy and biomechanics lectures followed by exercise practice where each exercise is viewed in the context of precise anatomy and biomechanics helping students form a more complex way of looking at human movement.  While we recommend following the courses in order you can attend them as you are able to. Upon successful completion of all 15 courses and passing the final evaluation the diploma of SomaTrainer will be awarded.

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