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The SOMATHERAPY program is a specialised manual therapy program targeted at the treatment of the human fascial system. The program is based on osteopathic principles, Guy Voyer’s studies on the fasciae as an anatomist and his clinical experience as an osteopath. It is a clinician-based curicculum designed to teach the fundamentals of normalizing fluid flow in all fasciae and joints throughout the body. The program consists of 13 courses. Each course is presented in a 3-day workshop format and can be taken a'la carte or as part of the full program.



The facilitation of the movement of water within the joint complex (synovial fluid, water in the collagen tubes of ligaments, tendons, bursae, and lymph) is the the main goal of osteo-articular pumping. By regulating fluid flow osteo-articular/joint pumping can assist the body in being more efficient in managing the process of acute inflammation. In a chronically painful and tight joint, osteo-articular pumping moves stagnated fluid to improve mobility and functionality.  Osteo-Articular/Joint Pumping is the foundation of the SomaTherapy program.

1.1. Lower Limb          1.2. Upper Limb & TMJ       1.3. Trunk & Pelvis



Fascial normalization will focus on the intrinsic quality of the fasciae and will address various fascial chains analytically breaking down to their components. Fascial chains can include direct links where there is a traceable continuity of the same tissue throughout the kinetic chain as well as indirect links where contiguity, being immediately adjacent, of fascial tissue has a significant influence on the function of the chain.  Water is constantly being linked and unlinked to glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans in the extra cellular matrix. This continual process of GEL and SOL of linking and unlinking of free and bound water is fundamental for not only for the health of the fasciae but also the health of the body as a whole.

2.1. Lower Limb          2.2. Upper Limb & TMJ       2.3. Trunk & Pelvis

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TTLS is a technique that addresses the structural needs and sensory functions of tendons, ligaments and specific muscles. Its focus is to normalize mechanical tension in a contracted or shortened ligament, tendons and muscles by creating a temporary inhibition in their protective mechanism.

3.1. Lower Limb          3.2. Upper Limb & TMJ       3.3. Trunk & Pelvis

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The diaphragm series explore how the 4 primarily diaphragms (thoracic, pelvic, cervico-thoracic and cranial) manage tension, expension and compression in the head, thorax, abdomen and pelvis leading to a complete tensegrity model of the body. Students learn to apply osteo-articular pumping, fascial normalization and TTLS to normalize the 4 foundational diaphragms of the body. The course also explores how the proper management and functioning of these structures effect the function of all related viscera.

4.1. Thoracic Diaphragm                4.2. Cervico-Thoracic Diaphram

4.3. Pelvic Diaphragm                     4.4. Cranial Diaphragm

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"The SOMATHERAPY program aspires to develop the most skilled practitioners, through the process of treatment of the joints, the fasciae and neurovascular systems with manual facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function."

With the completion of the whole SomaTHERAPY program, students obtain a complete and detailed model of how to treat the orthopaedic system and gain an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the interconnectedness of structure and function of all systems in the body. 

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