About us

SomaTraining UK offers exercise therapy, performance training and manual therapy courses & workshops for working professionals in the sports & healthcare fields. 

We also works with professional sports teams, coaches and athletes organizing educational programs and specialized workshops customized to each organization’s and individual’s needs.

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Peter Bodi- Program Director, Course Instructor

Peter has studied at the Academy Sutherland D'osteopathie du Quebec, under Guy Voyer DO. (Fr & Ca) and still works closely with Dr Voyer.  He is a certified SomaTrainer, SomaTherapist and ELDOA™ trainer's trainer with a background in physical education and personal training.

Peter has a special interest in designing targeted exercise and lifestyle programs aiming at correcting physiological and biomechanical dysfunctions resulting from injury and disease. His particular interest is in helping athletes transition from injury, back to high level sport performance. Alongside regular clients he has worked with elite athletes as well as other high profile personalities across the film and music industry, business and finance.  Peter is the founder and director of SomaTraining UK, the UK's official home of all SomaTraining, SomaTherapy and ELDOA™. Peter regularly teaches courses & workshops, and has consulted organisations in professional rugby, football, and the NHL.

Guy Voyer D.O. -Pedagogic Director, Course Instructor

Combining over 30 years of study with his passion for anatomy, physiology, and athletic training, and with his extensive clinical and practical experience, Guy Voyer D.O. (in France & Canada) is a leading expert in the study and treatment of the fascia. He combines his expertise as an athletic trainer, a physiotherapist, and osteopathic physician (in France, Canada), and with more than 10 other medical and paramedical specialties, Guy Voyer is one of the very few capable of bringing Osteopathy and strength and conditioning together to help people better their quality of life, heal their ailments and achieve better athletic performance.

Terry Frangapulous - Course Instructor

Terry is a licensed physical therapist and Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist based in New York.  He obtained his physical therapy degree from Stony Brook University Medical Center and for the past 20 years has dedicated his clinical practice to understanding the interconnectedness of the human body. Terry has worked as a strength coach administering training programs with MLB teams and worked privately with NHL players.

Terry is also the founder of Somafit physical therapy on Long Island, N.Y. His practice is rooted in the analytical and clinical study of anatomy,  fascia, and the tensegrity model of biomechanics.  For nearly a decade,  Terry has studied both privately and at the academy Sutherland of osteopathy, under world renowned French Osteopath, Guy Voyer D.O.  This  advanced training has allowed Terry  to apply Dr. Voyer's  Eldoa method and somatherapy principles to relieve his patients pain and achieve a state of optimal performance, healing, and well being.


Peter with the medical staff of the 2020 & 2021 Stanley Cup Champions Tampa Bay Lightnight - NHL

Peter with the Strength & Conditioning Staff of 2016-17 Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins -NHL

Peter with English National Rugby Strength & Conditioning Staff -RFU

Peter with Harlequin FC Strength & Conditioning staff - RFU

If you'd like to get more details on specialized courses and in-house training, please email info@somatraining.co.uk.