"This has been little gems and nuggets of insights that I would have never got anywhere else. "

Jon Bowskill
Corrective exercise specialist
"The level of depth and understanding that goes into it"

Andrew Jackson
"You'll learn stuff that you’ve never even thought about before."

Kieran Macphail
London, UK
“It’s massively impacted my clinical effectiveness”

Luke Summers
Exercise therapist
"With all the techniques that I’ve encountered over the years ELDOA has probably had the biggest effect on myself."

Dalius Barkauskas
Sport Medicine Physician
"It gives you a deep understanding of how the body functions."

Robert Boakye
Personal trainer, coach
"It's a holistic program"

Damien Maher
Personal trainer, gym owner
"The attention to detail and anatomy is lot more in-depth"

Adrian Stokes
Strength & Conditioning coach
"You're basically taught how to think"

Eliza Flynn

Postnatal trainer

"My head is literally swimming with all these new information"


Sarah King
Acupuncturist, Pilates instructor
"Feel it in my body, in my mind and in my though process"

Elena Constantinidou
Brussels, Belgium
Yoga teacher
"It has informed my teaching and introduced concepts that are very beneficial for people"

Daryl Richards
London, UK
Personal trainer
"Definitely one of the best courses I’ve done in my entire career"

Rebecca Rainey
Berlin, Germany
Pilates teacher
"It gives me a tool kit that I can use to work on myself as well as offer it to my clients. Super informative!"

Tom Jeanes
Salisbury, UK
Personal trainer, CHEK practitioner
"Quite a bit of transformations over the last few days in terms of posture"

James Tilley
Salisbury, UK
Personal trainer
"I thoroughly recommended to everyone who wants to work on postural and movement conditioning with people."

Glasgow, UK
Personal trainer, Crossfit gym owner
"It really makes you think about what you’re doing. I really highly recommend it."

John Carr
London, UK
"Great technique to relieve pain and improve well-being"

Sangeeta Dhall
London, UK
"I’d highly recommend it to any therapist and instructors"

Jonathan Jackson
London, UK
"I’d recommend it to practitioners and trainers alike who want to work with mobility and rehabilitation"

Copenhagen, Denmark
"I really found the ELDOA has been a great help for me."

Sheffield, UK
Movement coach
"It’s very impressive, the changes that I feel I’ve achieved in my body. It definitely works and it’s quick."

Russ Allchin
Jersey, UK
Personal trainer, Sport massage therapist
"I saw this as a way of distinguishing myself from other PTs"

Lou Hart
Yoga teacher
Dedham, UK
"First time I tried it, it felt like my body was thanking me."

London, UK
Personal trainer
"I thought I’d want to take my education to the next level; set myself apart from other personal trainers."