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The ELDOA™ certification program consists of 6 levels, spread over a course of 3-4 years. Each level teaches the theoretical aspects of ELDOA™, including relevant anatomy, biomechanics and physiology, while emphasizing the practical application of the technique with numerous practice sessions where students learn the coaching principles and factors of progressions of the ELDOA™, and start to develop the eyes and practical skills necessary to become an effective ELDOA practitioner.

ELDOA TRAINER CERTIFICATION (Levels 1-4): In order to become a Certified ELDOA Trainer, students need to successfully complete and show competence of the content of Certification Levels 1, 2 and 3. 

  • ELDOA Level 1 is the base of education and coaching for all levels of the ELDOA™ program. ELDOA 1 is a two-day course, giving the student-practitioner the foundation working principles of the ELDOA. The basis of education, "learn by doing", is fundamental within the program. Students will learn 4 foundational ELDOA postures.
  • ELDOA Level 2 is a three-day course specific to the ELDOA exercises of the spine. Expanding on the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine this course deals with all spinal segments from L5/S1 to C2/3.
  • ELDOA Level 3 focuses on the anatomy, biomechanics of the peripheral joints with targeted ELDOA exercises. This course covers the coxo-femoral joint, the joints of the shoulder complex, and the costo-transverse & sterno-costal joints of the ribs.
  • ELDOA Level 4 is a comprehensive approach to the pelvis, understanding its anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics.  Students will be introduced to the osteopathic view of the pelvis and its global and analytical relationship with the body. This educational foundation will set the learning, practicing, testing, & application for the ELDOA exercises. Students will learn specific testing techniques for the axes of the pelvis and sacroiliac joint and targeted ELDOA exercises to manage micromobility. Upon successful completion of the Level 4 course, students will take a written and practical test to earn the ELDOA™ Trainer Certification.

ELDOA THERAPIST CERTIFICATION: Each level builds on top of the previous level. In order to become a Certified ELDOA Therapist, students first need to successfully complete Level 1-4 before advancing to the therapy modules, which starts with Level 5.

Who should attend?

We truly recommend these courses to any committed health and fitness professional who seek to expand their toolbox to deliver unparalleled result to their patients and clients. Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Exercise and Movement Practitioners, Experienced Personal Trainers, Pilates instructors, Yoga teachers, Sport and Remedial Massage Therapists, Sport MDs are all excellent candidates to take ELDOA™ Certification Courses.

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