1.3. Analytical & Segmental Strengthening of the Upper Limb, Shoulder Girdle & Trunk

1.3. Analytical & Segmental Strengthening of the Upper Limb, Shoulder Girdle & Trunk

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Date: Spring 2025

Starting times:

Friday - 12-8pm

Saturday - 9am-6pm

Sunday  - 8am-5pm

Location: British College of Osteopathic Medicine, BCOM - TBC

There are hundreds of specific exercises, which can solicit the proximal, distal, medial, lateral, middle, superficial or deep portions of each muscle (i.e. deltoids, quadratus lumborum) in the upper extremities and trunk. The thorough details that are covered in this class will allow for an understanding of the numerous exercises that target specific areas of the upper limb and the trunk. Students will learn and gain a deep understanding of the function of these muscles relevant to optimal joint mechanics with numerous tools to implement in rehabilitation, corrective exercise and athletic performance.

Course syllabus:

- relational anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics of the shoulder girdle & spine
- technical analysis of the movements which are the basis of muscle      strengthening
- learning to perfect the movement (progression factors)
- how to avoid injury with the appropriate preparation
- lower extremity warm-ups
- quality effort in terms of strength, volume, power, speed, resistance, endurance   & fitness maintenance
- planning training sessions
- strengthening methods for the upper extremities and trunk muscles
- muscular re-education programs
- sports preparation programs

A very practical workshop where anatomy, biomechanics and physiology comes hand in hand with students practicing the learned material during the workshop.


This course can be taken a la carte as an individual module or as a part of the full training program.