ELDOA™ Level 3 Certification -  Autumn 2024

ELDOA™ Level 3 Certification - Autumn 2024

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Course date: TBA

Location: British College of Osteopathic Medicine

Instructor: Peter Bodi

Early bird registration ending: TBA

Course outline

The focus of ELDOA 3 is the coxo-femoral joint, the 5 joints of the shoulder girdle, costo-transverse & sterno-costal joints of the ribs.

The first day of the course is from 12-8pm and starts with a review of the Level 1 course content followed by ELDOA for the hip joint.

The second day is from 9am-6pm detailing anatomy, biomechanics and ELDOA practice for the joints of the shoulder girdle.

The third day is also from 9am-5pm detailing the anatomy, biomechanics and ELDOA practice for the thoracic cage.

The goal of ELDOA Level 3 is to have an in-depth comprehension of the anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics principals for the peripheral joints.

Course outline:

  • Review of ELDOA Levels 1-2 Exercises and Education Topics
  • Descriptive Anatomy & Classic Biomechanics of the Hip, Shoulder, & Ribcage
  • Technical execution & coaching practice for each ELDOA™ exercises for the hip joints, the joints of the shoulder girdle (gleno-humeral, acromio-clavicular, sterno-chosto-clavicular) and ribcage (costo-sternal, costo-transverse for each individual rib) 
  • Progression factors for effective learning

Prerequisite: ELDOA Level 1 & 2.

Course certificate: Upon completion of this course a certificate will be given to authorize the student as an ELDOA Student Practitioner Level 3.