ELDOA™ Level 4 Certification  - 12-16th of October 2022 with Guy Voyer DO

ELDOA™ Level 4 Certification - 12-16th of October 2022 with Guy Voyer DO

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Course dates: 12-16th of October 2022

Location: British College of Osteopathic Medicine

Instructors: Guy Voyer DO. , Peter Bodi

Super Early bird of £1595 until 30th of June 2022

Early bird of £1795 from 30th of June-31st of August 2022

Regular price of £1895 afterwards from 1st of September

Please note that this course will be very busy so make sure you are reserving your spot in advance.

Course outline: ELDOA Exercises for the Pelvis: Sacroiliac Joint & Pubic Symphysis

ELDOA Level 4 is a comprehensive approach to the pelvis, understanding its anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics.  Students will be introduced to the osteopathic view of the pelvis and its global and analytical relationship with the body. This educational foundation will set the learning, practicing, testing, & application for the ELDOA exercises.

The goal is to immerse yourself in the anatomy and biomechanics while getting plenty of hands-on practice with the testing and ELDOAs of the pelvis. Testing of the axes of rotation of the pelvis allows for the precise application of the ELDOA™ exercise for the targeted part/s of the sacroiliac joint and pubic symphysis.

Students will also complete a written and practical examination to qualify as  Certified ELDOA™ Trainers.