1.1. Osteoarticular Pumping of the Lower Limb -Practical

1.1. Osteoarticular Pumping of the Lower Limb -Practical

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Course date: AUTUMN 2024

Location: British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM)

Address: 6 Netherhall Gardens, London NW3 5RR

Starting times for practical session: Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm 

Instructor:  Peter Bodi

By regulating fluid flow osteo-articular/joint pumping can assist the body in being more efficient in managing the process of acute inflammation. In a chronically painful and tight joint, osteo-articular pumping moves stagnated fluid to improve mobility and functionality. You will learn over 50 targeted manual therapy techniques to treat the joints and relational fascial anatomy of the joints of the lower limb.


    • Description
      • Descriptive & Fascial Relational Anatomy of the Lower Limb
      • Classic & Functional Biomechanics
      • The physiology of inflammation
      • The technical basis of joint pumping
      • The Theory of the Complexity model
      • Clinical Application of joint pumping
      • Comprehensive instruction and supervised hands-on learning of the joint pumping techniques for the foot, ankle, knee and the hip
    • Prerequisites
      • Manual therapy qualification and experience. Please contact us for details if unsure. 
      • This is a manual therapy course. Participants are respinsible for  their own professional liability insurance.

    • What's included?
      • Anatomy manual
      • Treatment technique manual
      • Hands-on instructions and practice
      • Follow-up course review - online webinar
      • Water and snacks
    • Who would benefit from this course?
      • Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports therapists, Massage therapists, SomaTrainers