PELVIOLOGY 2 - The horizontal axes - taught by Guy Voyer DO (Ca, Fr)

PELVIOLOGY 2 - The horizontal axes - taught by Guy Voyer DO (Ca, Fr)

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 This Pelviology program (Modules 1-5) will examine 22 major axes of movements of the pelvis. Over the course of 5 seminars (4 days each) we will explore in detail lesion mechanics, as well as the precise diagnostic tests before any correction. The workshops set out to explore and develop knowledge of a wide range of manual processing related to structural, functional, fascial and viscera along the axis. These complex methodologies are based on a tensegritive model of biomechanics. 

Pelviology Module 2 - The horitonztal axes

Date: 30th of May-2nd of June 2025

Location: BCOM, British College of Osteopathic Medicine

Address: 6 Netherhall Gardens, London NW3 5RR

Course fee: £1400/course or 5x £300 instalments with the last one due a week before the course start date.  (You can also register and pay for the full program in advance Modules 1-5 to save £700. Sign up here for full program)

Retake fee: £750

Module 2 syllabus:

  • Prerequisite: Pelvilogy 1
  • Review and dependent considerations of the 22 main axes of the pelvis: description, injury mechanisms, visceral etc. orthopedic, functional implications
  • Comprehensive instruction and demonstration with hands on learning of:
  • Review and dependent structural normalization of oblique axes
  • Fascial standardization of the pelvis.
  • Review tests on all axes; test dependent of horizontal axes.
  • Structural corrections of the horizontal axes.
  • Para-clinical examinations (X-rays, MRI ...)
  • Clinical application.

The practitioner will acquire a large number of applicable techniques for use in their clinic. 

Who would benefit from this course?
Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports therapists, Massage therapists, SomaTherapaists

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