4.2. Treatment of the Cervico-Thoracic Diaphragm

4.2. Treatment of the Cervico-Thoracic Diaphragm

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The diaphragm series explores how the 4 diaphragms manages tension, expansion and compression in the head, thorax, abdomen and pelvis leading to the complete tensegrity model of the body. This course will focus particularly on the Cervico-Thoracic Diaphragm, which has 3 different "compartments". The Styloid diaphragm, the fascial spaces of the neck and the cervico-thoracic diaphragm of Bourgery.


  • Descriptive & Relational Anatomy of the Thoracic Diaphragm
  • Classic & Tensegrity Biomechanics
  • Clinical Application
  • Comprehensive instruction and hands on learning of over 50 different Articular Pumping, Fascial Normalization and TTLS techniques applied to the different part of the cervico-thoracic diaphragm and its connections.


  • Manual therapy qualification and experience. Please contact us for details if unsure.
  • This is a manual therapy course. Participants are responsible for their own professional liability insurance.

What's included?

  • Anatomy manual
  • Treatment technique manual
  • Hands-on instructions and practice
  • Follow-up course review - online webinar
  • Water and snacks

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports therapists, Massage therapists, SomaTrainers